Continuing Arts Education

Continuing Arts Education


This is where the greatest strengths of our ELM Family show through. By gathering support from the overall arts community and professionals, we will offer continuing growth through classes, workshops, events and exhibitions to further promote the love of the arts. 

We will have various levels of internal support from our ELM Foundation Family of Fellows, Mentors and educators.  

The continuing education program is another way ELM Foundation will help to grow the children’s love of the arts and further solidify self expression as a means of self healing. 

The ELM Foundation Family will consist of practicing artists in various disciplines; these artists are also educators and not therapists.  The ELM Family Fellows will help guide the children in classes, workshops, shows and exhibitions.

Mending Hearts Through Art

ELM Foundation

The mission of the ELM Foundation is to promote the healing power of the arts. By advocating arts therapy and education our goal is to cultivate a lifelong love of self expression through a creative process.

Our focus is to help guide children who have experienced any form of parental loss or family structure adjustment through a therapeutic process. Then continuing to provide opportunities for further development of self awareness and expression through arts education.  

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