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Spring Program

This Spring 2021, the Boiler at ELM Foundation will host exhibits, events and programming related to the theme of movement. "Moving Through the Pandemic" features work by our guest artist: Baris Gokturk, and our featured artist: Imari DuSauzay

Our spring program at ELM explores how we as humans come together and strengthen bonds as a community. Guest artist Baris Gokturk looks into public dance as a space of joy, revolt, and an acknowledgement of life and death. In Gokturk’s work, this power dynamic is explored in a research-based practice of collecting texts, images and anecdotes that are then projected onto the pictorial realm, in form of layered surfaces of image-transfer, paint and relief sculpture. View the guest artist's page here.


Our featured artist Imari DuSauzay focuses on The ConStruct of Community. She wonders "What is Community?” and supposes that when we consider the elements that create and construct communities, there is generally a traditional sense of culture and closeness, and a gathering of sorts which creates the strength that leads to the identity or identification of said community. DuSauzay demonstrates this sense of a community and its strength in a photo series from the summer block parties in Brooklyn which occurred during the hight of the pandemic. View the featured artist's page here.


Our Spring program will run from May 1st - June 6th, 2021. Along the way there will be multiple art and dance workshops for kids and families, as well as artist talks and community celebrations. Please join us at the Boiler and at ELM Foundation! View our upcoming events page here

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