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The Boiler

The Boiler @ ELM

The Boiler, a historic industrial space in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was transformed into a gallery and site of a burgeoning art scene with the efforts of Joe Amrhein of Pierogi Gallery in the early 2000's. The vision of the space was to push the boundaries of what a white box gallery could be. The Boiler quickly became known as a space for artists who wanted to push the boundaries of fine art.


ELM Foundation, while not affiliated with Pierogi Gallery, continues to preserve the legacy of The Boiler with its non-profit initiatives and pushes forward; utilizing the space for cutting-edge contemporary art while integrating and expanding its programming on a larger scale and promoting therapeutic benefits of artistic expression and arts education. 


All activities held in The Boiler will, in turn, fund programming for the kids of ELM Foundation.

For information about hosting an event at The Boiler at ELM, please email 

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