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'Tentacles I grasp' - Hand-moulded papier-mâché sculpture

'Tentacles I grasp' - Hand-moulded papier-mâché sculpture

Hand-moulded papier-mâché sculpture made from recycled elements, for holding with hands and/or fingers.


'Tentacle I grasp' is a papier-mâché sculpture, handmade from recycled paper and natural elements and flowers, 7x4x3 in, color white (primary) and pink, purple and yellow (secondary). Hand-moulded sculpture made from the shape of Luciana's hands, it can be hand-held with thumbs and fingers for momentary relief or sensory therapy. It was made channeling Luciana's own healing release.


Donated by- àLaLuce  - @alaluciana


About the artist - Luciana, founder of àLaLuce Studio, creates and teaches art cross-medium, discipline and dimension. The studio is a 'from theory-to-practice' embodiment of our inner+outer human evolution, with a focus on activating any one's authentic expression at all ages.


Value - $110


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***You are purchasing a raffle ticket for a chance to win this prize.  Your purchase does not guarantee that you will receive this prize.  Names are chosen randomly, and odds are based on the number of tickets purchased.  

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