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Extra Large Gregoria Hoops

Extra Large Gregoria Hoops

Donted by - El Techichi Jewelry


Extra Large Gregoria Hoops Made of US Brass Sterling Silver  Each hoop and ear wire is hand forged in our Loisaida Apartment.


One of a kind upcycled and new jewelry made by hand, for anyone, anybody, & any gender. Oaxaqueñes made, immigrant owned, Lenapehoking based.


Named after my grandmother, the Gregoria Hoops, are a staple for anyone HBIC! Made of luxurious US Brass and sparkling Sterling Silver. These are the extra large versions that will be the statement of any outfit!


Retail Value for $210


Please follow this vendor to support their amazing work! 


***You are purchasing a raffle ticket for a chance to win this prize.  Your purchase does not guarantee that you will receive this prize.  Names are chosen randomly, and odds are based on the number of tickets purchased.  

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