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Pass the Torch

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

*****DUE TO WINTER STORM ELM/The Boiler will be closed on Thursday Dec 17th - Please visit us Friday 1-5 or Saturday 1-9 pm****

ELM Foundation along with artists James Hyde and Baris Gokturk invite you to “Pass the Torch” at The Boiler.

The last viewing of the 4 Magnascos by our guest artist James Hyde as he passes the creative torch to our next guest artist Baris Gokturk.

The guest artist program at The Boiler@ELM Foundation, started in 2020 out of the chaos of the global pandemic. Artist James Hyde, who had a history with the boiler knew the space well and approached ELM Foundation with an idea. He was feeling the pressure of confinement to a small space and wanted to create something on a massive scale. He knew the vastness of the The Boiler would be the perfect home for his creative expression of the world happenings around him. From there, the guest artist program was born, The Boiler@ELM Foundation would be used as a creative space to push the boundaries of scale and imagination of a chosen artists.

The guest artist program at ELM Foundation gives a working artist an amazing opportunity to utilize the vast industrial space of The Boiler as a working studio with the end goal of producing a public exhibition. During the artist stay they will allow the children of ELM and the community to follow and participate in their journey from start to finish. Along the way the artist will host studio visits and educational talks to explore how the world around them influences their work.

Please join us!

Saturday 12th 1-6pm. (Meet the artists 3-6pm)

Sunday 13th 1-6pm. (Meet the artists 3-6pm)

General Open hours- Tuesday 14th - Friday 18th 1-5pm (CLOSED THURSDAY DUE TO STORM)

*****DATE CHANGE**** DUE TO WINTER STORM The Wednesday evening reception has moved to Saturday Dec 19th 6-9pm Wednesday Dec. 16th the gallery will be open 6-9 pm serving wine and cocktails.

Saturday 19th 1-6pm (Meet the artists) Evening reception 6-9PM

Private appointments are available upon request -

We have several opportunities to visit for viewings and meet the artist. Due to group gathering restrictions we will be following very strict rules for crowd limits and social distancing. With multiple date options, we welcome you to come enjoy seeing the work in person but feel comfortably safe.


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