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Art in a Box
Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”  
~ Twyla Tharp

As we find ourselves in a time of uncertainty, one thing that remains the same is the human spirit to adapt. Through this difficult time, our communities are standing strong and doing what is necessary to protect us. Although our normal day to day life has changed, we must find new ways of coping. 


Here at ELM Foundation we are doing just that, adapting and coping.  At our core we promote the healing power of art. We are fortunate to have the backing of the art community who also believes in our mission.  During this time of unprecedented challenge, we understand, now more than ever it is important to continue our mission. 

Elm Foundation is excited to announce our new project, Art in a Box

Art in a Box was created with the hope of simultaneously supporting our community of local artists and children during this time of extreme uncertainty.  Our goal is to promote art, as well as, connect artists directly to children who could be facing difficulties and stress while being forced into a more restrictive daily routine. Our intentions are to fill boxes with art supplies, guides, ideas, but more so, live connection and interaction with artist mentors to help guide creativity during this unusual time.  The box will be filled with activities for the kids to do on their own as well as online projects are done together along with our artist.  The synergy of the art community reaching the children will create a safe and creative space to adapt, benefiting both the artist and child.


Initiating our fundraising we had several artists who generously donated original artworks with proceeds going towards filling the boxes. However, this portion has ended we want to continue to support those artists' work and careers. 

Please Click here to support our artist and ELM Foundation in our efforts to promote the healing power of art

This program is currently on hold due to the ability to hold in person classes

Art in a box fundraiser FAQ-

What is Art in a Box? 

 During this time of uncertainty and unprecedented challenge, Art in a Box is ELM Foundations very first attempt to carry on our mission of promoting art education via online classes and tutorials. A way to continue to reach the kids and help them explore their creativity.  “Art in a Box” is a program where our focus group of kids will receive a box of art supplies and instructions as well as online opportunities for learning and art activities. 

Who is benefiting from this fundraiser? 

 This fundraiser was meant to find creative solutions to support art in the crisis of Covid.  Everyone in the art community is impacted in some way. At ELM Foundation, our goal is to foster and grow the entire art world, not just our kids.  Without our mentor artist our kids would not have inspiration to look up to.  So during this time we wanted to find a way to help support working artists, as well as fund our new program to get art projects to the children stuck at home.  


Some donating artists will receive 50% of the donations and ELM 50%.

Some artists have donated 100% of their proceeds to raise support for Art in a Box

Who are the artists donating to our cause?

We are very fortunate to be surrounded by a community of artists who understand the value of "giving back."  Our contributing artists are working professionals in the art world and understand the underlying need to create. More so, they agree with the mission of ELM Foundation’s goal to promote “the healing power of art”. Our generous artist donated their time and work to help our fundraiser succeed and in turn many children will benefit. 

When does this fundraiser start and end?

The fundraiser will start on May 23rd and end on May 31th. 


Cost of entry? 

We ask for a donation of $20 per entry.  You may enter as many times as you like for the same artist and or different works!


Who can donate?

Anyone above the age of 18


How will the winner be chosen? 

The winners will be chosen on May 31st by an official ELM Foundation representative.  All entry names will be printed (for each donation) and a random drawing will take place for each art piece individually.  So a total of 45 individual drawings will take place. One drawing pool per artwork. Your name will only be inserted into your chosen art piece, or pieces. 


When will the winners be chosen and notified? 

The winners will also be posted and notified on May 31st 


How will I receive my art if I win? 

Your art will be shipped to you via USPS straight from the artist.

Shipping inside the US is free - International shipping is extra and will be invoiced if you win.  


Is my donation tax deductible? 

Yes,  ELM Foundation is a 501(c (3) charitable corporation. Your donation receipt can be used as a deduction.  (for more detailed information please see our donation disclosure on our website)

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