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Echoes Are Visible

Aug. 20th – Sept.10th

191 North 14th Street Brooklyn, NY


We are proud to present “Echoes Are Visible” a group exhibition curated by Bailey Williams featuring thirteen artists including Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Lucile Brizard, chameckilerner (Rosane Chamecki and Andrea Lerner), Cabelo, Hee Jin Kim, Lukas Milanak, Gerben Mulder, Joshua Olley, Gustavo Prado, Mason Saltarrelli, Andrew Straub, Bailey Williams and Talita Zaragoza.


The artists included in this show live all over the world, vary in age, and work in a wide array of mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation, video art, and performance. They come from different generations of art movements and have their individual stories steeped with diverse legends and intriguing histories. 


Special thanks to our exhibition sponsor. Costa Brazilan ecologically beneficial beauty line that aims to capture the natural essence of Brazil.


GALLERY HOURS (Starting 08.23.22)

TUE – SAT 1pm – 6pm

Opening Reception

Join us Saturday, August 20th, 6 pm – 9 pm for the opening reception of Echoes Are Visible and a live performance by Cabelo


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